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Writing Perfect Recognition Letters

Employee Recognition Letter

Writing An Employee Recognition Letter

Employee Recognition Letter

When you begin to write an employee recognition letter be sure you do your background check and research all there is to know about the individual who will receive the award letter. As a supervisor you pretty much have to know everything. The full name of the person, the best buddies and workmates in the company, their family children names, the position that they work and how they deserved the chance to receive the recognition.

Start with an outline of how you should present the letter. Things that you should think about, when writing in style. Do you want the letter to be informal or formal? The letter should be formal, professional and presented not only to the individual but to everyone in the company. The employee recognition should be publicized because it is an important part of the recognition program. First, plan to send the letter formally to the person and then wait one day to send it out to rest of the company. It is recommended to send the recognition letter out in the form of a bulletin through the company, press release online, company newsletter, the local newsletter and first page of the company’s website if it exists. These are ways to show the importance and weight that you place in the employee.

Employee Recognition Letter

How long should the letter be? I recommend no more than 500- 800 words, even that could be too long. But you want to include what the employee has done to achieve the award, characteristics, leadership, examples and be specific. Think of yourself and how you would like to receive a recognition letter. What type of things would you like to see included.

Give examples and case studies. I’m sure there are tons of examples if this person is even receiving this letter or award. Be specific in your case studies and examples. Mention every little detail of how the employee did their job and beyond expectations. Provide the date, the project and how it helped your company. What specifically did this project do to increase performance or revenue in your company? Point out everything because it is important.

Easy quick things to remember, when writing the letter to your employee. Spell-check your document before sending it out. Have the CEO or an assistant read over it first. Get as many opinions that you can and especially from the employees best co-worker. Stay focused, more and more compliments will go far. Add humor and make it fun. Depending on the age and gender it will play a factor of how you intend to write. But have fun with it and it will help with many more recognition letters to send out to employees! Good luck