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Get That Employee Motivation Reward

Employee Motivation Reward

Motivate Yourself For The Award

Employee Motivation Reward

Do you feel appreciated? Do you think you deserve to be heard and praised? Well you have to earn it. If you supervisor or manager has an incentive program or anything you should seriously consider working a little bit extra or hard than you are doing now. Why? You will be noticed. What steps are important if you would like to receive an employee motivation award?


  1. Work hard than everyone else and do it with pleasure
  2. Think outside of the box if you are in a group project or individual. Being unique helps
  3. Do your work and then some. Ask your manager for more work and things you can do.
  4. Acknowledge your supervisor and how you agree with their tactics. But don’t go overboard.
  5. Come to work early and leave later than everyone else.
  6. Motivate other workmates to join
  7. In meetings, give your opinion and be open and expressive on all topics
  8. Be open to criticism and ideas from co-workers and managers
  9. Don’t appear to know it all
  10. Be positive at all times



These are just a few ideas but it will help you get the ball rolling. Now it depends on what type of manager or supervisor that you have. If that person who supervises over you comes in late then don’t stress trying to impress them by coming in early. You have to realize what things your boss does so that you can mimic what they do and how they approach things. Most people who are managers think always what they do is the right way to do things. If you watch and observe the way they do things you’ll get a good grasp of how to achieve and be noticed.


Believe in what you’re working towards and encourage others do the same. This is another process in the step. If you can persuade or encourage other co-workers to follow your steps and try to be the best you can be and do at your workplace your manager will have no reason but to notice you. Don’t think of it as competition; rather think of it as being innovative. No matter what type of reward you are working towards, put 100% into it and don’t get discouraged about what you’re are trying to achieve. Here are few quick ways to motivate yourself to do well at work. Whatever reward you are trying to win be sure to look at it everyday as a reminder. This will be placed as a goal and what you know you want. When you see it and believe it will happen, the reward will become closer to you.