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Basics Of Employee Incentive Rewards

Employee Incentive Reward

Non-Traditional Employee Incentive Rewards

What are non-traditional employee incentive rewards? It is anything that your employees choose that does not fall under the basic: certificate awards, gift certificates, traveling, membership gifts, free time vacation, trophies and other basic gifts. Let the workers in your company choose what they want. First, it is important that you do your homework and find out what your employees want. Using a basic employee incentive program survey would help. Be sure to note in this survey allow many options so that each individual get to express in their own words what they would like to see. Don’t just put multiple choice answers without options to write in more.

Ask around to other companies in your area and see what works for them. Not all times what works for another will work for you but it will help with the creative process and more ideas of what you can do. Another option is to hold a meeting with every individual every half a year to get an idea of how they feel and what could possibly motivate them to work harder in the next quarters of the year. Here are some examples of various case studies that people would like to see as oppose to the traditional incentive awards.

  1. Be a boss for a day
  2. Requesting the possibility to work in another area where they might perform better
  3. Chance to organize activities in the office
  4. Opportunities get other training free in other areas
  5. Give more ideas of how your suggestions could help the company

Ask yourself should you provide individual incentive awards or group awards? There are some positives and negatives but providing an option for groups to compete will increase the amount of work in your company. With this option you cannot lose at all. Imagine a group of five that will most likely take action. Look at the old reality show The Apprentice, when they had group work it showed what strengths and weaknesses each individual has. This will help you will leverage and how to place an individual within the next few months. It will allow your company to grow.

As I oppose to many management and recognition philosophies out there, I believe that it’s often better to give a reward than a gift. A reward means and says that; we value you and your contribution, we’re glad you’re here, we hope you’ll stay with our company. People who receive thoughtful, rewards from supervisors who know their interests and ambitions will feel honored and appreciated. This speaks to that universal need for a considerate, caring workplace that I mentioned above.